B2B Employer Payments

Sometimes for policy reasons an employer does not want you to pay their employees directly. In this case, you can pay the employer themselves on behalf of the employee. We call this an 'employer payment'.

B2B employer payments mean that the money is sent directly to the employer company for distribution and not directly to the employees or contractors. Beneficiary employer companies can log in to XTRM to see the amount received and transaction breakdown and either complete the processing to have the individuals paid or else request the funds be transferred to their bank account via ACH or WIRE. If you are a beneficiary company and require a login to XTRM to view your received payments, please use the email that you received payment notification. If you don't know your password, click to reset it HERE. If you are having any problems logging in please email support@xtrm.com.

1) Beneficiary company can log in and check received balance.

Managing received funds.

Once you receive funds you can transfer to your business bank account, gift card or virtual prepaid credit card. Simply link your bank account using the 'link bank account' instructions. If you want to continue and process the payments to the individual reward recipients, please click HERE for guidance.