Onboarding your company requires certain company information as part of standard banking regulations. 

1. Beneficiary Account Receiving Payments

Complete the "Identity" sections in the profile. The more the profile is complete, the higher your transfer limits.  

 Organization Profile

2. Companies Sending payments - "Advanced Services" 

If you are a remitter (sending payments) please follow these steps: 

  1. Complete your organization profile to 100% and,
  2. Apply for "Advanced Services" through the application accessible on either the "Home" or "Identity" page.

Please note: approval timelines for domestic applications may extend up to 48 hours. International application approvals might take up to 2 weeks, contingent upon factors such as the company operations, geographical location, business model, and market dynamics.

Home Page

Identity page

  1. Choose "Apply" for USA Payments solely for transactions within the USA or, 
  2. Opt for "International Payments" if you're sending payments to both the USA and other international destinations.