Permissioned Connections via Pseudo Keys

Within the XTRM ecosystem, a company has one of two well-defined roles:

  • Remitter and/or Beneficiary Company - a company sending or receiving funds. 
  • Managing Company - a company managing downstream customers or partners who are sending or receiving funds. 

If you are a managing company with downstream customers (sometimes known as an aggregator) and you are using the XTRM API to make payments - ie you are a developer and you want to be able to move funds from a company wallet (your customer) to any other wallet or end point such as a bank using the XTRM API (i.e make payments) then you need to get access to the pseudo credentials for your customer (remitter) of those funds. The customer will need to have been fully onboarded as a remitter before this can take place. This flow is required to conform to govenrment KYC (Know your customer) regulations.

To enable this, the managing company needs to:

1. Be assigned as a manager account. (Red star by account name designates manager status). Contact XTRM to get this account status.

2. Be connected to that remitter account. (The sending company)

3. Utilize the remitters pseudo key to make the wallet to wallet money movement. (Send). In other words, use the remitters  'program ID', 'wallet ID' and 'payment method ID' in the fund transfer API requests.

Pseudo keys can be found under the connected company page, in the manager menu.

For more information go here. Undersdanding Manager and  Connected Accounts