When considering who is to be the master admin for your company account, since XTRM is a financial services account, we recommend you choose someone that has financial signatory approval for your company. This is often someone in the exec team or finance group.

✓ = Yes    X = No   O=Optional (Access Level Setting)

Master Admin
Manager AdminStandard AdminSuspended
Typical RoleSenior FinanceFinance, Department HeadDepartment ManagerN/A
Login to Company Account
Delete Admins
Create Admins✓ XX
Suspend AdminsXX
Set Admin Access LevelsXX
Send Password Reset EmailsXX
Fund WalletsOX
Send FundsOX
Transfer Funds (withdraw)OX
Currency ExchangeOX
Create ProgramsOX
Link BanksOX
Create Edit ClaimsOX
Create Edit BeneficiariesOX
Create Edit Connected OX
Create Edit WalletsOX
View ClaimsOX
View ReportsOX
View BeneficiariesOX
View ConnectedOX
View WalletsOX

There are 4 template levels of access 

FullFull access to all features


Custom access to features
ViewView only access to wallets and features
LimitedLimited access to basic features