XTRM Advanced Services are designed for remitters, i.e. companies that want to make global payments. It is not required to receive payments. However, companies must be advanced services approved to be able to send payments. A yellow star identifies any company advanced services approved.

For you or your connected customers to use XTRM advanced services, the 'Company - Advanced' section of your or your customers' company profile must be completed. Please make sure to get your or your customer's company's basic profile to 100% complete first (Identity Level = Advanced); otherwise, you won't be able to submit the advanced profile. 

To get your profile IDL (Identity Level) to advanced, please complete the "You (Master Admin)" and  "Company (Basic)" profile sections and complete 2 of 3 identity tasks. 

a) Link bank account  (Company (Basic) Section)

b) Link payment card (Company (Basic) Section)

c) Upload image of identity - company tax document, driving licence or passport. (Company (Basic) Section)

Once your IDL is advanced, you can submit your 'Company (Advanced)' profile as the final step for access to advanced services. Once completed and submitted, it is sent to our compliance for approval. This typically takes from 1 to 3 business days.

Advanced Services include:

1) Making payments anywhere in the world (i.e. you or your connected customer is a 'Remitter').

2) Using the XTRM API as an XTRM Developer.

3) Funding you or your customers' wallets via any methods such as Invoice, ACH Debits, Wire or Credit Card.

4) Increased limits on funding and transfers.

5) Increased security identity and trust level.

To get to the 'Advanced Profile' page, log in to your company account, click 'Profile' in the left menu and then 'Company (Advanced)' in the top menu. If you are a managing company connected to downstream partners and customers, you can view and complete their advanced profile on their behalf in the 'Connected' section. 

Please complete your advanced profile page. Approval can take a few weeks, depending on your country, business model and the associated risk. Once approved, you or your customer will receive an email alerting them of approval, and their account status in settings will be updated to 'Approved.' 

An 'advanced services' approved company has a gold star next to its name when viewing beneficiaries or connected screens. Once approved, you will have access to advanced services. Some require additional approval, such as ACH Debit wallet. 

If you or your customer has received an 'Approved for Advanced Services' email notification:

Congratulations! Remember that some advanced services require an additional application, such as wallet funding via ACH Debit. More info HERE

If you or your customers are not approved yet and want to use XTRM advanced services, please read the following:

For you or your connected customers to use advanced services as well as keeping with the changing landscape in regulatory mandates and to further ensure your continued financial protection, we have an advanced profile procedure that ensures your compliance with respect to anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism financing, foreign asset control, trade and economic sanction laws and/or regulations.

The data received from this completed advanced profile online form will be used to perform required diligence checks against the United States Office of Assets Control's databases, which aggregates data from multi-national governmental bodies.

Managing companies can see the 'Advanced Services status' (approved or not) for their connected customers and view their advanced profile and help customers fill it out if required. The information required depends on your country and business profile. 

Once complete, we will review the data and notify you via email. We may ask you for additional information from time to time. Once approved, you are approved for access to 'Advanced Services'