XTRM Widgets Overview

Rapidly deploy payments functionality with white-labeled web or mobile forms to handle all your payment related tasks without the need for any development work. Quickly onboard new partners and customers, make payments, exchange currency and much more with simple self-serve forms directly within you web or mobile platform. XTRM Widgets™ make it easy to deploy XTRM’s intelligent payments platform into your web or mobile business in just a few days or less. 

To find these widgets go to the 'Integrations' option, then go to the 'View Widgets' button.

These widgets include:

W101 - Onboard and Link bank for individuals More

W102 - Onboard and Link bank for companies More

W103 - Onboard and fund fund Individual wallets

W104 - Onboard and fund Individual wallets and send to aggregator More

W105 - Fund company wallets (coming soon)

W106 - Fund company wallets and send to aggregator  (coming soon)