XTRM is a multi-tenant platform and we endevour to only have one of every company in the system.

If you are registering as a company or adding a beneficiary or connected company, avoid creating duplicate companies if they already exist. This may cause issue with payments going to duplicate accounts and confusing the beneficiaries. 

If you get an alert telling you the company domain already exists, then you are most likely trying to create a duplicate company. In this case go back and search on that company again, rather than creating a duplicate. You can search by domain name - for example if the company you are adding is at www.acmesystems.com then search on 'acmesystems'. If you get a search hit then you can add them as a beneficiary and/or request to be connected.

If you are registering your own company company name or email domain are already in use, the system will let you know with a warning message.  In that case we recommend you contact the administrator of your existing company account and ask them to add you as an employee if you need access. 

In some cases you may want to have multiple company accounts for your company so you can continue if required.