Duplicate or multiple company accounts for the same company

1) You are registering your company at www.xtrm.com:

If you are registering your own company at www.xtrm.com and the company name or email domain are already in use, the system will let you know with a warning message (see below).  In that case we recommend you contact the administrator of your existing company account and ask them to add you as an admin if you need access. It is not unusual for a company with multiple subsidiares to have one account with multiple admins with different levels of access. 

In some cases you may want to have multiple company accounts for your company so you can continue if required but it is best avoided to reduce the requirement to have multiple account need banking approvals that may occur later. 

2) You are a logged in company adding another company as a beneficiary.

If you are logged in to a company account, as a manager or remitter, and whilst adding a new company beneficiary you get this message:

then try to find the company by searching for them on the email domain you are trying to use. You can search by domain name - for example if the company you are adding is at www.acmesystems.com then search on 'acmesystems'. If you get a search hit then you can add them as a beneficiary and/or request to be connected. This is to avoid you creating another company account for the same company which might cause confusion. Sometimes it is necessary for a company to have multiple accounts using the same domain - ie a multi geo company for example. In this case, have the new company self serve register their new company account at www.xtrm.com where they can skip any warnings (see above).