XTRM releasing v4.0 of payments API.


XTRM Announcement:

XAPI v4.0 Releasing in February


More features, security and enhancements

We would like to thank all of our developer partners and wish you all a Happy 2018! As part of our continuing growth in our embedded business we constantly strive to enhance and improve our products. Based on your feedback we are pleased to announce the following:
XTRM Payments API (XAPI) v4.0 with updated reference is scheduled for release on February 05, 2018. This new release will improve single sign-on security and add new features and enhancements such as:
  • GetPersonalBeneficiaries - Will allow retrieval of Personal Beneficiary lists.
  • GetUserWallets - Will allow detection of User wallets and currency type.
  • UserWithdrawFund - Security enhancement: Will require OTP (one-time password) to complete withdraw process.
Documentation will be updated HERE in February.
v3.x of the API spec will be deprecated in March of 2018

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