Exciting special announcement regarding XTRM.


New Year, New Features

Exciting new product features and changes



New expanded Fund menu item for transferring funds INTO XTRM stands alone now and no longer resides within Transfer.


Transfer menu item is now for transfering from Wallet to Wallet or OUT of XTRM.

Enhanced B2B Payments

Simplified global B2B instant payments with great exchange rates.

Send Improved

The Send feature now contains improvements that make it easier than ever for self-serve payments.
  • Simple Send - Single payment. Cash Only
  • Advanced Send - Multiple payments. Cash and Non-Cash
  • Mass Payments - Batch file upload.
  • Embedded Payments - Scheduled data extractors from your systems (such as SFDC) or use our Payments API (XAPI).

More Gift Cards

We now feature an expanded digital gift card assortment covering even more countries.


Even more features plus enhanced security with version 4.0 arriving early February 2018. Integrate our digital wallet into your web or mobile apps. XAPI Documentation

SSO (Single Sign-On)

Our enhanced single sign-on capabilty makes it easy to integrate into your existing systems or in-house applications.

Getting Started is Greatly Improved

4 easy steps to sign up and 4 simple steps to issue global payments.

UI Enhancements

Numerous enhancements to our UI make the XTRM platform easier to navigate and use for your global payment processing needs.

Some Word Changes

"Community" menu item becomes Personal Beneficiary.
"Beneficiary" menu item renamed to Company Beneficiary for clarity.
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