If you want to fund your wallets by directly sending us money from your bank, we recommend using a WIRE or ACH. We also recommend you give us advanced notice of the inbound bank transfer by logging into you company account and following the instructions below.  You can also request whether or not you want an invoice. 

NOTE: If you request an invoice, it will be emailed within 12 hours to your designated finance person or if we dont have one listed, then to your master admin. 

1) Login to your XTRM company account

2) Select 'Fund' in the left menu and then select 'Bank Transfer'

3) Choose whether or not you want an invoice. If you choose Yes, it will be emailed to you within 24 hours. 

3) Complete the following screen including any special instructions. Make sure you select the correct wallet to be funded. If there are any fees associated with this transfer, and you requested an invoice, they will be displayed on the invoice when you receive it. The invoice will be emailed to the email we have on record for your company.

4) Please send funds to the bank displayed on this screen. Make sure to include your personal company wire reference which is at the bottom of the screen. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you make payment, please make sure you use the bank details provided on the screen below including the your personal company wire reference. See it below the bank information. Make sure to select which exact wallet you want funded aswell. Those details will also be also provided on the electronic invoice if you requested one.

4) After sending the fund request, you will see a pending credit transaction in your wallet. Once funds arrive, this will switch to completed and these funds become available to you.