Any company with a balance in their digital wallet can transfer these funds to any bank anywhere in the world. They can link up to 5 banks and then use the 'Transfer' option to EFT  those funds.

Linking bank for does not allow us to ever withdraw funds from your bank. It is for you to transfer only.


Login to your account at You will see your account balance on the dashboard

Linking your bank account.

1. Click on the small 'Settings' cog icon top right. 

2. Click on the 'Linked Banks' tab. Then click on the 'Link Bank Account' button to start linking a new bank.

3. Since you are transferring (withdrawing) funds click on GO button in the 'Transfer' section.

4) Complete the bank linking form. This will link any bank in the world.

5) Click 'Continue' and you will be asked for some more country specific information regarding your bank account. 

After linking your bank account, click the 'Transfer' menu on the left.  Follow the instructions to transfer the money to your linked bank account.