Individuals are onboarded in several ways.

1) Self-serve registration at

2) Automatically on first payment (via API, user interface, or mass pay batch file submission)

3) Single Sign-On (SSO)

4) Created via the XTRM API.

When a user is paid for the first time via the API, User interface, or mass pay batch file submission and has no account, then this is the flow the user will experience

1. Payment is made to a user via the platform, mass payment file, or API.

2. The user will receive the email below. The logo is taken from the sending company's profile. <<Your company name means the sending company >>

3. Individual or company admin clicks on the 'Validate Button' and is taken to the Terms and Conditions.

4. After accepting Terms and Conditions, they are taken to a screen to set a password, optional mobile number (used for security), Country, and State/County/Region.

5. Clicking continue is the final step, and the individual or company admin is taken into account where the balance can be seen.

6. The user can then decide what to do with the funds and transfer them to (Bank, Gift Card, Virtual VISA, Check ...)