There are 3 account types. Personal, Company and Manager



This account is for individuals to send or receive personal payments to their digital wallets. Once received they can transfer them out to their bank, Digital Gift Cards or Digital or Plastic VISA Card. More Info on a personal account. 


This account is for companies wanting to receive or make payments, build applications using the XTRM API or companies receiving 'Employer' payments from another company. If you create a company account it will require approval and you will be the master admin for that company account. The master admin can login and review transactions and reports plus run payment programs and a lot more. More Info

For both types of account, emails must be unique. It is possible to have both account types, ie personal and company. This is usually required if you personally receive payments (personal account) and also you are a designated admin for your company (company account). You can use the same email for both accounts, and even the same password. If use use the same email and password for both accounts you will be prompted as to which account you are trying to login to.

This account is for Agencies, ISV's and Partner companies that manage downstream customers. If you are a business that manages many customers and need to manage payment for or on behalf of those customers either via our platform directly or using our widgets or API, then this account is for you. This type of account has additional features to 'connect' to your customers and manage those customers wallets, payments, currency exchange, employees and much more.