'Employer' payments mean that the money is sent directly to your company and not directly to your employees that may have been responsible or entitled to the payment. Beneficiary company admins can log in to XTRM to see the amount received and transaction breakdown and either complete the processing to have the individuals paid or else transfer part or all of the funds to their company bank account via EFT (ACH) or WIRE or to their PayPal account. If you are a beneficiary company and require a login to XTRM to view and manage your received payments, please use the email that you received payment notification. If you don't know your password, click to reset it HERE. If you don't have access or are having problems logging in please email support@xtrm.com.

Please note that if you are the beneficiary company admin, this is a different login, i.e a 'company account'  login versus a 'personal account' login. You can have both types of accounts if you are both receiving rewards and are also the admin for your company.



A beneficiary company can log in and check the received balance.

1) log in to XTRM

2) Click on the 'Credits' radio button.


2. Managing received funds.

Now you have logged in and can view your balance and payments received  there are a few options open to you:

1. Distribute the funds to the individuals. More Info HERE

2. Transfer the funds to your business bank account or PayPal. More Info  HERE