If you have received a 'Employer' payment to you account and you would like to transfer these funds to individuals then please follow these instructions.

Remember you can always simply transfer the entire payment to your business bank and distribute however you like. However, this feature enables you to distribute instantly without those additional steps. 

Important Note: You can also reduce the amount to be sent to the individuals to cover any of your own internal  fees.

Your 'Employer' payment will include a breakdown of the individuals that contributed towards that payment. You can view those details and then if you want, you can process the transaction to those individuals. They will receive their payments in their XTRM Personal account wallet and your company account will be debited.  

To distribute funds:

1. Login to your company account.

2. You will see your account balance on the dashboard

3. Click on 'Activity' to see all transactions including 'employer' credits

4) Click on the details button on the right of the selected transaction to see the credit and breakdown in detail.

5) The detail screen  shows you all the individuals that contributed to the company direct payment. If you want to process this payment to those individuals click on the 'Process' button and follow the steps through the advanced payment wizard.

6. Continue through the payment wizard process to the end. You can either leave the distribution as it is or edit the recipients and amounts. Payments will be sent as personal payments to the individuals XTRM AnyPay wallet. They will get an email and text alert of payment.

Please note that you can also ignore this breakdown and simply transfer any and all funds directly to your business bank , a check or Virtual Visa