Employer payments are payments sent to your company account instead of directly to your employees who may have been responsible or entitled to the payment. Beneficiary company Users can log into XTRM to review the amount received and the transaction breakdown.

If you have received an Employer payment to your company account and you would like to transfer these funds to individuals, then please follow these instructions. 

Your Employer payment will include a breakdown of the individuals that contributed towards that payment. You can view those details, and then if you want, you can process the transaction to those individuals. They will receive payments in their XTRM Individual wallet, and your company account will be debited.  

To distribute funds:

1. Log into your company account

2. Select the wallet to which the Employer payments were sent to 

3. Click on the "Details" link on the right of the selected transaction to see the credit and breakdown in detail

4. The detail screen lists all the individuals who contributed to the company's direct payment. If you want to process this payment to those individuals, click the "Process" button and follow the steps through the advanced payment wizard.

Note, that if you are the beneficiary company User, this is a different login, i.e. a "company account"  login versus a "personal account" login. You can have both types of accounts if you receive rewards and are also a User of your company account.

5. Continue through the payment wizard process to the end.  
Note, you can leave the distribution as is or edit the recipients and amounts. Payments will be sent as personal payments to the individual's XTRM AnyPay wallet. And, an email notification of the payment will be released to the individual 

Note, that you can distribute the funds to the individuals or partners or decide to transfer the funds to your business bank account. You can also reduce the amount sent to the individuals to cover your internal fees.