Security Overview


Security is paramount when dealing with financial transactions and payments. XTRM has deployed the following integrated security measures. We are happy to present more detail and allow 3rd party vulnerability testing as required.


Complex Password Access

All access is via complex minimum 8 character passwords with numbers and special characters required.

SHA Encryption with Salt

All passwords unencryptable.

Access Lockout

Repeated failed attempts to access system blocks users and is logged.


IP Based Access

Specific IP based security for controlled access.

Location Based Access

Location based restrictions

One Time Passwords (2 step authentication)

Device and IP based

Real time KYC validation  (Know your customer)

Instant checks on individual and company details during profile setup and payments

Real time AML validation  (Anti money laundering)

Instant rule checks on individual and company payments activity.

Secure Encrypted Data

Sensitive data encrypted using state of the art encryption methods. Details on request.


Regular Independent Site Scans

Regular third party scans of servers using Veracode and Trustwave to ensure no vulnerabilities including static and dynamic scans.


Firewall Protection

Secure firewall protection.


Physically Secure Servers

All servers in carefully monitored restricted site with secure passkey access. More information on request.

ISO27001 certified.

More information on request.

SOC1 and SOC2 Compliant

Documents on request

PCI Compliant

View Certificate 

Security Policies

Documented security policies in place.


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