Global Prepaid Virtual VISA or Mastercard

You can transfer funds from your wallets to Virtual or Plastic Prepaid VISA cards from the selection of currencies below.  You can send these to yourself or to companies or individuals.  Prepaid Virtual VISA is a global payment method that avoids the need for any plastic card distribution by sending the recipient an email with a link to a virtual image of a card complete with 16 digit number, expiry date and 3 digit code. This can be to anyone anywhere in the world.

They can be sent in the following currencies. However they can be used in any country, standard bank currency exchange rates will apply.


  • No plastic (Plastic on request)
  • Global
  • One time load with fund pooling
  • Multi-currency
  • Upgrade to plastic
  • Pay in any currency

$USD Prepaid Visa or Mastercard$AUD Prepaid MasterCard$CAD Prepaid Visa
INR Prepaid Visa
R$ BRL Virtual Gift Card
¥ CNY Prepaid UnionPay
€EUR Prepaid MasterCard£GBP Prepaid MasterCard$HKD Prepaid MasterCard¥JPY Prepaid MasterCard
¥ 10 - ¥ 5000

Prepaid Visa Reward Promocode will arrive by email.  Beneficiaries will have 4 months to redeem the Promocode for a Visa Virtual Account.  Once accessed, they will have 7 months to use their account wherever Visa Debit is accepted online or over the phone.  If beneficiary chooses a Physical Visa Prepaid Card, to be mailed to them then a USD $3.00 shipping and handling fee will apply.  Please note that some merchants may choose not to accept out of country currency at their own discretion.  If this occurs, pay for your purchase by another payment method and use your Visa Virtual Account at a different merchant.  Also note that a 2% Non-U.S. Currency Transaction fee will be applied if the merchant settles in a currency other than USD.  Card is issued by the Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.