What is XTRM for Beneficiary Companies? (i.e. companies receiving payments)

XTRM for beneficiary companies provides your company with a simplified global multi-currency wallet system to quickly receive any form of currency payment from anywhere in the world. Regardless of how many payments your company is receiving, you only need one XTRM Org account worldwide. Within that account, you can have multiple regional entities and currency wallets to ensure security and control of all payments. All beneficiary companies receiving payments via XTRM are required to have activated XTRM company org account in order to gain access to their digital wallets to receive, review, currency switch, validate and transfer payments as needed. You will also get access to all the advanced reporting to track all payments and redemptions for your company or your employees. 

Why does a company that is receiving payments need an XTRM company account?

Companies leverage the XTRM payment platform to rapidly manage and process global payments. This requires a very secure and controlled environment to avoid any fraudulent or inaccurate payouts. The beneficiary company needs an XTRM company account in order to have a digital wallet to receive payments. Think of XTRM as a business bank account - but with way more flexibility. 

How do my company employees get payments?

If payments are being made to your employees, each of your employees receives payments directly to their personal wallets. You can see all the transaction for you employees by logging into your company account.

What if I want the payments to be paid directly to my company, not the individuals.

No problem, we can credit your company wallets with the total amount and you can move the funds into your bank account for distribution internally.

How much does it cost for beneficiary companies to use?

It is free. 

For any support issues, please email support@xtrm.com