XTRM Announcement: XAPI v4.1 Officially Launches

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XTRM Announcement:

XAPI v4.1 Officially Launches

More features, security and enhancements

You asked, we listened! We are pleased to announce XTRM Payments API (XAPI) v4.1 with updated reference guide is released as of today. This new release adds new features and enhancements such as:
  • GetExchangeRate - Allows retrieval of currency exchange rates.
  • BookExchange - Move from one currency wallet to a different currency.
  • TransferFundWalletToWallet - Allows transfer from an XTRM wallet to any other XTRM wallet.
  • GetDigitalGiftCards - Retrieve list of SKUs supported by XTRM.
    • Digital Gift Cards are now a supported transfer method for User withdrawal.
  • TransferFundUsertoCompanyUsingCC - Receive funds from a beneficiary user using their Credit Card. Fund is deposited in user account followed by sending the deposited fund to the company wallet.
Plus more - Documentation can be reviewed HERE .
For questions or support, please email apiSupport@xtrm.com .

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