Understanding bank transfer times.

When transferring money to a bank, XTRM chooses the lowest cost and fastest route for you. Some countries have lower cost bank transfers than others. If there is no low cost route available (such as ACH in the US) then we will send via SWIFT or WIRE. 

  • Bank transfers can take from 2 to 5 days. This does not include weekends when banks are closed.
  • Exotic currencies can take up to 14 days, occasionaly more. This does not include weekends when banks are closed.

Unfortunately, XTRM has no control of the time that bank transfers take. (We wish we did!)

After you initiate a transfer there are only 2 outcomes:

1) The bank details are correct and it will be successful.

2) The bank details are wrong and it will be returned.

Please read these points:

  • 99% of failed transfers are caused by incorrect bank details. Please be really careful when linking.
  • 1% are rejected for compliance.
  • We don't know it has failed until it is returned. There is no way around that. That is the way EFT works.
  • Return time takes from a few days to a few weeks or sometimes even longer for foreign transfers.
  • We can request a bank trace but that often takes longer than waiting for a return.
  • Once funds return we instantly credit the users wallet and notify them via email of the issue.
  • Users with returns need to delete and carefully relink their bank.
  • In some cases we will delete their bank for them.

Managing companies can delete and relink banks for their customers.