Currently in beta testing. Generally available June 2019 in USA and Canada.

This allows you to fund your wallets using an ACH Debit. An ACH debit is when funds are pulled from your bank. This means we contact your financial institution and request to pull the funds. This is not the same as when you send the funds via ACH or Wire to us where you have to initiate the send from your bank or bank portal. 

There are a few steps to do this.

1) Link the bank for ACH debit  in your company account that you want to pull funds into XTRM from using ACH debit.

2) The first time you do this you be required to complete an online form which is sent to us for approval. The form can be accessed directly HERE. (Login to your company account)

3) We will notify you once your bank is approved for ACH debits via email.

Once approved you will see the approved bank displayed in the ACH Debit bank drop list. 

Once you request an ACH debit, a pending inbound transaction is created. Once the funds arrive (Typically 1-3 Business days) - you will see the credit applied to your wallet as the pending transaction switches to 'Completed'

One you initiate an ACH Debit, a pending transaction is created in your account

Funds usually take between 1-3 business days to process. Once received, the pending transaction will change to 'Completed' and the funds will be credited to your wallet.