Currently in beta testing. Generally available June 2019

You can fund your wallet using an ACH Debit. An ACH debit is when funds are pulled from your bank. There are a few steps to do this.

1) Link the bank in your company account that you want to pull funds into XTRM from using ACH debit.

2) Complete the form attached, use the linked bank from step 1)

3) We will call you to confirm bank details

4) Send one bank wire to a bank account that we will provide you.

Once approved you will see a new option in your XTRM account called ACH Debit under the fund option. 

One you initiate an ACH Debit, a pending transaction is created in your account

Funds usually take between 1-3 business days to process. Once received, the pending transaction will change to 'Completed' and the funds will be credited to your wallet.