My bank link says 'pending'

Adding your bank to your profile is typically an instant process. Sometimes when linking you may get a response where the bank linking status is 'Pending'.

Do not worry! 

Yes, apologies - it is a little frustrating. This typically means we need to confirm your bank before completing the link. This happens sometimes with both US and exotic currency banks that require us to do some additional checks or your bank is one that needs verification. This is designed to protect you from fraud. This will typically resolve itself from a few hours to 24 hours at most. In some cases it can go longer which means we are working with your bank to get it approved. If you see you pending bank has been deleted it means you entered incorrect data and should re-try being careful to enter accurate data. Just be patient and wait until the bank show up as successfully linked and you will be able to transfer. If for some reason we need additional information from you we will let you know via email.