My bank link says 'Pending'

Adding your bank to your profile is typically an instant process. Sometimes when linking you may get a response where the bank linking status is 'Pending'. Yes, we apologize - it is a little frustrating but do not worry.

The main reasons this happens:

1. You entered incorrect banking details. 

Please carefully check the details you entered for your bank account. They are typically displayed on the bottom of  your checks. See below for some examples. Please check that you entered the correct Acct # and Bank code #.  Bank codes have different names in different countries. For example in the UK they are called SORT codes, in the US - routing codes and in Australia  - BSB code.

Important: If you realize an error,  delete the pending linked bank and start again. 

2. You live in a country where additional bank restrictions apply.

Some countries have additional security requirements for that require us to do some additional checks. This is designed to protect you from fraud. In this case we may email you and ask for some additional information in order to get the bank securely linked for you. 

Note: If you see you pending bank has been deleted it means you entered incorrect data and should re-try being careful to enter accurate data. 

Bank Code Guide

Bank codes have different names depending on which country your bank account is located. Here is a list that will give you some guidance on which number to choose and how it is referred to in your country:

For US banks make sure you use the correct routing code. These can vary between ACH and Wire. If you use the wrong one - monies sent will be returned

Bank codes name by country: 

Country and CurrencyBank Code NameOther Info
Australia (AUD)Bank State Branch or BSB

United Kingdom (GBP)Sort Code
Canada (CAD)Transit or Branch NumberTypically the last 5 digits of your 9 digit transit code (or routing code)

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Unites States (USD)Routing NumberMake sure correct one. Some times US banks use different routing numbers for ACH versus Wire

More to come...