To signup for Suzuki contingency please read below:

To view entire program overview please click HERE

Suzuki Contingency Enrollment Process - 3 Steps

Step 1:  Be sure you have registered for a free valid XTRM account HERE (If you have already received an email to activate your new account - please do not create another account, that will just confuse the system and delay payments ;-)

Step 2: Add motorcycle(s) to profile

Make sure you add your Suzuki vehicle details, including VINs, within your XTRM profile. To do this login to your XTRM account and go to 'Profile' and then 'Equipment' section and click button Add Sports Equipment. Click 'Add' button.  (Not Add and Validate - that feature will come later)

Step 3: Make sure your profile is 100% complete.

To enable us to send you tax documents at the end of the year, make sure your profile is 100% complete.

Why are there these rules and dispelling the myths....

1) XTRM is FREE to use. 

2) You DO NOT have to post your results. We get them automatically from the promoters. Well, some are a little slow at sending them to us and we ask them daily to send. Feel free to push them too...we got your us and everyone else too.

3) Adding your bike and validating your VIN is to allow Suzuki to only reward for newer bikes. Can you blame them for not wanting to pay a guy on a 1973 bike? He probably wouldn't place anyways (ok ok - so we all know a fast old guy....) 

4) XTRM does not decide on which promoters or classes get paid out or how much. We are simply the payments platform.

Go be safe.