If you want to send a mass payment file for processing, please follow these steps.

1. Login to your XTRM company account. 

2. Select 'Send' and choose 'Mass Payments'

3. You will need our mass payments submission template. Click the link 'submission template' to goto the template. This template can be downloaded from google docs as an excel spreadsheet. Fill out the spreadsheet with payment information. We only need 4 columns completed in order to pay people to their digital wallet. All other fields are optional but will help for reporting. 





One you have filled out the spreadsheet please upload for processing....

4. To upload your payments spreadsheet click button 'Upload mass payments file'

5. Choose the file (one or more) to upload. Select the program if the mass payment is part of a payment program. If there are any special instructions please enter them in the 'Additional Information' Field

5. Click submit. If there are sufficient funds in your account, we will process the payment file within 24 hours. If not, we wil invoice you or you can click the 'Fund' link on the left to select an alternative wallet funding method.