Your responsibility:

Step 1) Create a list of your payment recipients. Email recipients with instructions to enroll at with a personal XTRM account if they don't already have one.

Step 2) Submit your payment file at The template for file submission is available at that site. 

    Submission steps:

  •     Select your company
  •     Select file (use template link for format)
  •     Choose program (programs can be created in your company account more info HERE)
  •     Add Purchase Order # if known
  •     Add comments or special instructions

Our responsibility

We receive payment submission file

We confirm total and send invoice from

Your responsibility:

Step 3) Pay invoice preferably via ACH. Note that you can pre-fund you account which reduces the time to make payments since we dont have to wait for the monies.

Our responsibility

Once funds received we fund your account and process payment submission file which credits the recipients' XTRM digital wallet. From there users can transfer funds to their bank account, PayPal, digital gift cards, prepaid Visa etc., they have the choice.


The overall delay between file submission and processing depends on how quickly the invoice is paid. But once the funds are received it's usually no more than 48 hours for processing to complete.