B2P or B2B global payments via AnyPay™

AnyPay™ allows you to do any B2P or B2B global payments. It  avoids you having to know the bank details of the beneficiary company or person. All payments are made into the beneficiary user or companies digital wallets and then they can choose to transfer out via ACH, Wire, PayPal, Digital Gift Card, Prepaid Virtual Visa or Cryptocurrency anywhere in the world. All transfers are secure and self serve and give the recipient freedom to select their preferred final transfer method. It allows them to search and link to their preferred bank anywhere in the world or transfer to their PayPal account and make the transfers without having to submit any confidential banking information. They can transfer as much or little as they like, anytime they like as well as gift payments to other people.

Your Brand

All payment beneficiaries, whether individuals or companies are alerted as to their new payment with a branded email with your logo and payout description and a link to view their balance and recent transactions.

AnyPay™ Benefits

  • No need to for you decide on payment method. Beneficiary person or company can choose.
  • Instant Payments
  • Beneficiary person or company self serve transfers to bank account, PayPal, Gift Card, Prepaid Virtual Visa Card or Cryptocurrency
  • Branded alert emails.
  • Global
  • All currencies
  • Can exchange from one currency to another with great FX rates
  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Tracked
  • All Digital

4 Global Payment Options. B2B and B2P

Here are the 4 company account payment options:

Beneficiary experience  - Transfer Options

After payment the recipient will receive an alert email to activate their new XTRM account. Once they login they will see their new payment and be able to transfer.