How do you add employees to your company account

 There are 2 reasons to add your employees to your company account:

1) You want to give one or more employees login access to your company account so they can be an administrator.

2) They don't have a payment account to receive rewards yet. If you are not sure whether they do or not, during the 'Add Employee' process you are given the option to check and see if they already have an account.

1. Login to your Company account at

2.  Click on the 'Employees' Left Menu Link. To add employees search to see if they already exist. 

The search will show the top matches. If you cannot see this person, scroll down and click on 'Search All' button to see if there is a match. If not you can click on the 'Add New Employee' Button

3. After searching, if there is no match then click on 'Add New Employee'. 

4. If this person is also likely to be receive payments make sure you select and set the option 'Employee Receiving Payments' to YES and fill out the rest of the employee details. 

5. Make them an ADMIN in 'Company Account Access Level' if they need to be able to login and see tracking and reports.

6. After you click 'Add', an account will be created for this person and an email will be sent to them giving them their Personal account login information.

They are now ready to receive payments and if you selected 'Admin', also able to login and administer your company account.